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"Using a Naturopathic approach to nutrition, I am passionate about helping people take control of their own health"

"Let's get Whole Body Healthy!"

Health, well-being & nutritious food have been a huge part of my life for many years.


I facilitate many food & well-being focused events, as I am so enthusiastic about teaching people the skills they need for their ongoing health. 


I use a Naturopathic & Holistic approach to health, working with many different people from many different walks of life.

The way I work centres around fixing what I call "The Foundations of Health", once these are in place we can then take a deeper dive into any more specific symptoms that may still be prevalent. 


Working with me is all about change, so that you can continue adopting a healthy lifestyle, for life. It's all about getting "Whole Body Healthy" and not just fixing individual symptoms.


My qualifications:

Ongoing studies- School of Health (Stroud) Hoping to get to full Naturopath level

Naturopathic Nutritional Advisor/ Naturopathic Nutritionist Diploma- School of Health (Stroud)

Anatomy and Physiology Diploma- School of Health (Stroud)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

As well as doing a lot of self-led research and education, I also attend many CPD accredited webinars and in person lectures.

You may have noticed that I have included a home blood type test and a hair tissue mineral analysis test in my main packages.

I find that tailoring a food plan in conjunction with a person's blood type can be very helpful. I say to all my clients:
"I don't take the blood type diet as gospel, but it can be really, really helpful when assessing what types of foods are beneficial for a person, or should be avoided."
This can be especially helpful  with regard to meat/ fish, dairy/ gluten products.

I also really love to use hair mineral analysis. It is a fairly inexpensive test,
yet can show so much. 
Not only does it give an indication of the levels of vital minerals in your 
body, but by using the ratios of certain minerals it can give an indication
of your thyroid function, blood sugar balance, stress levels,
toxic heavy metals and more.



As a qualified Naturopathic Nutritionist my goal is to help you become the best version of yourself!

Everyday we all live with symptoms and conditions that could be fixed using Naturopathic Nutrition

I'm committed to working closely with you 

Want to talk this through?

Schedule your free & informal discovery call

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