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Gut Transformation Programme

Perfect for people who have been struggling with digestive issues for years

Remember..... your consultation fee isn't just for your consultation time.


A Naturopathic Nutritionist will put in many hours of work, looking at your health history as well as addressing your current health concern, tailoring a protocol to suit you and providing you with educational material to help you on your way

Included in this programme:

Analysis of symptoms, health history, tests and food diary- with a written report

NutriAdvanced Gut Transformation Pack a 6-week programme featuring a range of targeted supplements and supporting literature including recipes, protocols, menu planners and workbook

1 x 120 minute initial session-- to be had just before the programme begins

1 x 60 minute follow up session-- to be used in the last week of the programme

Communication and support via email/ Whatsapp (if needed)

Educational handouts- I really want to help my clients understand why they are having the symptoms they have and how to fix the root cause for continued good health!


Discount on private lab testing (plus 1 hr consultation for interpretation)*

*(Invivo GI EcologiX Gut Health & Microbiome stool test)

1 to 1 session available online or face to face (depending on location- If you live locally to me I am happy to see you in your own home)


Payable at time of booking

Want to talk this through?

Schedule your free & informal discovery call

*1hr GI test interpretation £65

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