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Payable at time of booking

Payment plan available, ask me for more details

An intensive 1:1 programme where I am here to help and guide you through your specific health problems

Included in this programme:

1 x 60 minute online session to go through your health history and current symptoms

or concerns. 

No recommendations will be given in this initial consultation- this is about gathering as

much info as I can about you

Analysis of symptoms, health history, tests and food diary- with a written report

'Ideal day' and 'Guidance and recommendations' tailored to you

1 x 120 minute session- in-person (depending on location) or online. This is where we will

go through everything and I will lay down the foundations for your healing journey

to begin


3 x 'check in' sessions (up to an hour each)

Communication and support via email/ Whatsapp (if needed) 

Hair mineral analysis test and interpretation (worth £85)

Blood type home test (if not already known)

Naturopathic nutrition, blood type specific dietary changes and lifestyle recommendations 

Grounding into the foundations of health- secure this to bring balance back to the body

1 week sample menu with recipes and helpful shopping guide

12 week symptom tracker- essential to see your progress, whilst on the programme and beyond

Educational handouts- understanding why you have the symptoms you do and what can be done to help, is crucial to the healing process. I give my clients the tools to carry on helping themselves long after they have finished their programme with me.

*(private lab testing and specific supplements will likely be required at an extra cost)

1 to 1 session available online or face to face (depending on location- If you live locally to me I am happy to see you in your own home)

Guidance through your specific symptoms to help you back on the road to optimum health!



Want to talk this through?

Schedule your free & informal discovery call


**Consultations to be used within 6 months of purchase**

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