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The Way I Work

I offer a hair mineral analysis test both of my packages (Naturopathic Nutrition Consultation and 1:1 Health Reset Programme).

This is a very non evasive test and looks at possible mineral deficiencies and levels of toxic heavy metals (amongst other things).

It is a very beneficial test and can reveal a lot.

I also like to use knowledge of a person's blood type to target diet and lifestyle recommendations to them.

You would be surprised what our blood types can reflect in terms of nutrition and knowing what yours is can really assist you in eating the most optimum diet to suit YOU

If you have been pregnant or given blood it should be easy to find out your blood type. At home tests can be bought online for around £15

Remember..... your consultation fee isn't just for your consultation time.


A Naturopathic Nutritionist will put in many hours of work, looking at your health history as well as addressing your current health concern, tailoring a protocol to suit you and providing you with educational material to help you on your way

Picking a package will help to tailor a health plan to suit you and your specific needs.

Please be aware that diagnostic lab tests and supplements are an extra cost that are quite often needed to get the best overall outcome.

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What will you have to do?

- Decide which package suits you best and let me know via email
- (Optional) Book in a discovery call with me to talk through any concerns you may have 
- Fill out a health history questionnaire
- Complete a 7 day food diary
- Do an easy at home blood type test, if blood type unknown
- Send off a sample of hair for analysis (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis- HTMA)
- Send me any recent blood test results you may have had
- Decide if it would be beneficial for you to get any extra, private tests
- Understand that your health is in your hands and although I am here to guide
you through:
-True healing only comes when we put in the work ourselves-


What symptoms may be helped
by Naturopathic Nutrition?

-Brain fog -Low mood -Anxiety -Depression -Fatigue -Headaches & Migraines -Skin issues -Digestive problems -Stress -Sleep problems -Hormonal issues -Weight management 

-IBS -Autoimmune Disease -Acne -Eczema -Psoriasis -Recurrent thrush -UTIs -And so much more!


What will I do?

- I will spend at least 1 x 8hr day analysing your health history, current symptoms, HTMA, any blood tests from the GP plus any extra private tests you may have opted for. With a written report for you to keep.
- I will create an 'Ideal day' plan for you.
- I will create a 'Guidance and recommendations' plan for you.
- I will create a meal plan for you depending on your blood type.
Including lots of info on your blood type, foods to eat & recipes.
- I will give you loads of information sheets that you can use, for life. 
These will detail many aspects of the Foundations or Health.

- I don't want to give you a 'little bit of help' or drip feed you information
over weeks-months-years.
I want to set you up with the tools for 
YOU to continue helping yourself, long into the future.

I am offering my


Extra testing options with report &

-Comprehensive gut analysis 
-Other microbiome tests urinary, vaginal, oral
-Most blood tests eg Vitamin D, Iron, Thyroid
-Toxin analysis eg Heavy metals, Mycotoxins
-Hair mineral analysis
-Blood type
-Stress & Hormones
-And more

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