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"Let's get Whole Body Healthy!"

By Sharing the Health we can learn how to get Whole Body Healthy.... for longer lasting wellness. "Let's get Whole Body Healthy" --Not just fix individual symptoms. When we concentrate on symptoms, we rarely get to the root cause, but when we get Whole Body Healthy everything starts to fall into balance.

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Katie Reardon-Burr

5 Stars

The most AMAZING food demo class! Can’t wait to do another one. Meg is so incredibly knowledgeable! The food we ate for lunch was delicious.

Joanna Webster

5 Stars

Meg’s food demo was most enjoyable. She is very approachable and highly knowledgeable. Her instructions are clear, and there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Lots of great discussion from members of the group added well to the enjoyment of the event. I highly recommend Meg.

Dorothy Mai Wilcock

5 Stars

I know the recipes seem easy to follow but seeing the food prepared and able to ask questions during the process made all the difference. Learnt a lot both from answers to my questions but also points raised by other members of the group. Lunch was awesome.

Liz Chubbock

5 Stars

Meg provided a very well-planned, informative and interesting day. She demonstrated how to make various dishes, which we were able to sample during the delicious lunch that ended the day.

Julie Fuller

5 Stars

The gut health course with lunch with Meg was so informative and a real eye opener! Meg was extremely knowledgeable and the lunch was delicious! I would thoroughly recommend. Thank you Meg x

Katie Reardon-Burr

5 Stars

The most amazingly interesting course on gut health, followed the most scrumptious lunch. Meg is so incredibly knowledgeable, what she doesn’t know- isn’t worth knowing! Such a wonderful day. You create such warm space, and make everyone feel so comfortable. Can’t wait to delve into more courses with you.

Share the Health Workshops


"Meg's nutrition workshop was fantastic. It was so full of information and Meg was very approachable and relaxed about the many questions fired at her at all times! She emailed fact sheets to follow after the event which was really useful as there was so much to take in. Lunch that followed was amazing and most inspiring. I highly recommend this workshop"
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