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Image by Christina Rumpf


This guided cleanse plan is about helping you to clear toxins, feel energised and create a great platform for ongoing health!


Clear toxins and reduce future exposure with this 28 day programme

Targeted approach to help cleanse the body of toxins, support the liver, increase vitamin and mineral absorption and potentially aid in weight loss, using quality supplements from Nutrigold


Included in this programme:

All supplements to support the cleanse 

Skin brush

Home blood type test (if not known)

1x 120 OR 2x 60 minute guidance session online or face to face

(depending on location- If you live locally to me I am happy to see you in your own home)

Communication and support via email/ Whatsapp (if needed) 

Lifestyle recommendations to support the cleansing process

Meal, juice and smoothie recipes

Helpful shopping guide

Loads of vital information to assist in the cleansing process

Course overview:

Week 1: Paving the way!

(Cut out caffeine, sugar, alcohol, processed & refined foods. Avoid gluten, dairy and meat- depending on blood type

Start to minimise exposure to toxins, look at lifestyle and environmental factors, lots of info and guidance. 1 scoop of Alka-Greens daily)

Week 2-4: The cleanse

(Target diet to blood type. Daily juices, cleansing smoothies, supportive supplements, nourishing meals. Cut out caffeine, sugar, alcohol, processed & refined foods, dairy, gluten and meat- depending on blood type. Implement naturopathic techniques to aid in the process. Take supplements and Alka-greens.)


Included in cleanse- Skin brush plus supplements to assist: Colex, Detox support, Alka-greens and Pro-otic

(Worth £140)

Many people report weight loss as an added bonus!

You will not feel hungry during this process.


Extras to support in this detox:

A masticating juicer

A blender/ Nutribullet

Enema kit

Castor oil kit

Epsom salts


Payable at time of booking

Get in touch for more information or to discuss your suitability 

Want to talk this through?

Schedule your free & informal discovery call

Don't feel quite ready to embark on a full detox? Scroll down for details on my pre-cleanse package



Image by Christina Rumpf



Want to do a cleanse but need help building up to it?

Using Naturopathic Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to optimise your detoxifying potential

Book this session if you are currently: not moving enough, drink caffeine and alcohol, eat sugar and refined carbohydrates or feel that you need some assistance and dietary recommendations BEFORE you embark on a cleanse

May not be suitable for people with ongoing health problems or symptoms~ the 12 week programme may be a better option

Schedule a free 20 minute phone call to see if this programme is suitable to you

Included in this programme:

To be used in conjunction with the Naturopathic Cleanse package

(If purchasing the pre-cleanse, the cleanse package must be purchased at the same time)

120 minute 1 to 1 guidance session, online or face to face (depending on location- If you live locally to me I am happy to see you in your own home)

If follow up session is required before the detox this will cost £65 for 60 mins

Detailed food diary analysis and lifestyle assessment

Home blood type test (if not known)

Blood type targeted 4 week meal plan with recipes and helpful shopping guide

Lifestyle recommendations


Extra tests and interpretation available at an extra cost (e.g. hair mineral analysis, gut function)


Payable at time of booking



(for the 28 day Naturopathic Cleanse)

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